iProfile – easy CV creation and distribution

Being on the verge of stepping out into the world of contracting, I am currently drowning in options for how to best distribute my CV, but nothing I have found so far is as easy as iProfile. Ignoring the Apple-esque branding for a moment, this superb site lets you import your CV in Microsoft Word format (but later versions that save in .DOCX will need to save in the legacy .DOC format) and makes a great attempt at distilling the content of your CV into their online form.

My CV imported fairly well but I did need to go in and correct a few import errors. All in all it took around 10 minutes to upload and sanitise my CV, which is now ready to be distrubted to iProfile-enabled agencies – this is all handled from the site. Simply choose your industry, enter your area of expertise (i.e. Business Analysis) and it will return a list of agencies – then simply click on the button to join and your electronic CV will be sent to the agency…easy as that.

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